Second, concrete brick material used to prevent freezing. Soaked with water frozen in the brick can not be used. The reason for such a situation. Can make a good little brick, but still below standards of quality bricks.

If the user does not buy quality equipment, quality brick will appear, then that proportion of raw materials used have a problem, Zhegewomen on again tomorrow to continue to analyse.
As the winter low temperature is not conducive to concrete common brick machine(also known as Burning-free brick) production and conservation, products susceptible to freezing damage, affect product quality.

Users to buy the equipment itself is poor quality products, not to normal production capacity of unburned brick. The materials used are simply not up to wear and will not play a role. Turntable in the market there Sugar Packing Machine are not as good as the brick block brick machine, brick machine, the quality of low pressure equipment, pressure not reach the stated requirements. At the same time make non-slip, frost work to ensure safe production.

Another device is the block machine, block in the market of small and medium machine not only can not make standard bricks to even Hollow bricks are to draw up, not to mention the quality.

If your brick tiles quality problems arise because the equipment is purchased, then we recommend that you quickly advanced high-quality Burning-free block machine replacement, to ensure that your brick will one day return to normal production. C, raw materials and finished products for thermal cover, curing time of not less than 45 days, strength testing must be done before use.

Third, the temperature is too low will directly affect the quality of concrete bricks, mixing added when mixed with the appropriate agent (antifreeze), do not have the conditions to stop production.

Some brick will be surprised that she obviously is based on the proportion of production formula, the result is can not make brick, brick molding can not, take the broken one. A device is a rotary brick, for the production of standard bricks, the previously mentioned standard brick must be used to produce such a rotary brick, but still depends on what the equipment manufacturers Caixing. Therefore, the winter production of concrete common brick should pay particular attention to the following aspects:

A winter production measures should be reasonable, on the job and technical personnel to conduct training and technical posts in winter. Mix with warm water should be poured, to prevent snow and ice, frozen block into the mixer, the impact of the quality of bricks.

Last, finished moisturizing materials brick must be covered, the temperature is below 0. Storage of materials within the Tea Bag Packing Machine scene and put the finished products to specification. Sand, gravel, fly ash mixed with other materials should be used with, not to accumulate too much