The company is a proud exporter, supplier and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of Industrial Machines like milling machines, drilling machines, Hydraulic Shearing Machines, surface grinders, etc.ind.
A Hydraulic Shearing Machine is the modern and perhaps latest Tea Bag Packing Machine version of the common Shearing Machine which is used to cut metal sheets. PVT.
Slippage of sheets is avoided by a firm gripping of sheets by hydraulic hold downs.
The Hydraulic components used in Hydraulic Shearing Machines are of international quality standard. CO. This means that a Shearing Machine is able to cut metal with great precision and accuracy & no wastage is caused in the process.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine: Features
Hydraulic Shearing Machines comes with a stable, robust and all wielded steel frame which is made from ultra-sonic plates of high quality. Established in 1990, GUJARAT LATHE MFG.
Hydraulic Cylinders used in Hydraulic Shearing Machines are especially designed with hard chrome plated rod, both low and high pressure sealing and also with special type of guide for long life without leakage. For more details regarding the products and services offered by the company, you can visit http://www. For easy maintenance, they are assembled on specially designed compact manifold block. A Shearing Machine is used to cut metal without resulting in metal chips.
The top beam in the Machine is guided by a three point roller which has replaceable hardened liner for less wear & tear.
To permit shearing of higher thickness than a nominal capacity, Rake angle can be varied.
Hydraulic Shearing Machine offers the fastest and easiest way of blade clearance setting without any need of feeler gauge.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine: Some Types
A few commonly used Hydraulic Shearing Machines in industries are:
Bench Shear
Power Shears
Throat less Shear

Hydraulic Shearing Machines are highly useful for industrial purposes and they help in saving a lot of time and This feature provides better quality of cutting for a longer time by eliminating the lubrication of steel. For maximum strength, the table is designed with specially inclined member and a box type Flow Packing Machine structure. The marks on a metal sheet can be easily checked without taking shear stroke and this is possible by independent operation of hold downs for clamping. This helps in burr-free edges of the metal sheets that are cut. Among all the other shearing machines, Hydraulic Shearing Machines are extensively used for cutting or shearing heavy metal structures (which are otherwise dangerous to shear by other machines). LTD is a ISO 9001 2000 certified company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.machinery.